Here will be all the information you need for getting to and enjoying the conference. We will update and add to this page over time.


Tickets will go on sale online in 2021.

The prices for the 2020 were planned to be:

  • Non-Professionals (patients and relatives who are not doctors, scientists or researchers)
  • Senior Professionals (consultants and professors)
  • Junior Professionals

Tickets are for both days of the event.
Attendance on any day is optional
We are not selling cheaper 1 or 2 day tickets.

Plus for those who buy a ticket and live overseas, will be limited number of free spaces for optional activities on on Friday 30th July:

  • Clinic with ophthalmologist, paediatritian and low vision aid specialist
  • Tour of Moorfields Eye Hospital clicical research faciliy and patient clincis, and Institute of Ophthalmology laboratory (subject to COVID-19 restrictons).

Book early to take advantages of this offer!


For any physical event, lunch and refreshments on Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st wil be included in the conference ticket price and provided by Kudos at Resource For London

Delegates will need to pay for breakfast and evening meals themselves. There are numerous restaurants around the conference venue and more from every country on earth in the rest of London.

Gala Dinner

(Depnding on COVID-19 restrictions) We hope to invite speakers and selected guests to a complimentary gala dinner on Saturday. This is subject to sponsorship. People who have not been invited, such as speaker’s partners, may be able to pay to attend.

We will collect your dietary needs during the ticket buying process. The menus will be published here as soon as possible. We will also do our best to label food accessibly during the event.


(Depnding on COVID-19 restrictions) We hope to provide a crèche for children aged up to 12 years’ old on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th. So they can play and delegates can easily hear the presenters.

  • there is no extra charge
  • places are subject to availability, must be booked in advance and are not available on the day
  • it is run by qualified staff from an agency
  • it is in a very close but separate room from where presentations are given.


While the UK has in lef the European Union people can come to the UK without difficulty (depnding on COVID-19 restrictions).

If you are coming from Europe read about Visiting the UK: information for EU, EEA and Swiss citizens.

For more details or if coming from other continents. find out how to Visit the UK on a business trip.


The conference will be conducted in English. We maybe be able to arrange translation in to some other languages.


(Depnding on COVID-19 restrictions) We plan to book and will pay for hotel rooms at Travelodge Finsbury Park for conference speakers who need to stay away from home. Contact us to make arrangements. Anyone staying with speakers, such as partners, will need to pay any extra costs themselves.

Other delegates will need to arrange accommodation for themselves. You may like to look at the following hotels which are close to the Eurostar terminal, central London tourist areas and each other. They are a short Underground (Metro) ride to the conference and a bus ride to Moorfields Eye Hospital:


We hope to be able to reimburse conference speakers for their travel expenses up to a maximum limit.

Other delegates will need to arrange their own travel to and within the UK.


We hope to have sighted guides available, to help visually impaired people get from Underground stations to the venues and then move around inside the venues.


There are lots of websites about what to do in London. Start with Visit London.

We may be able to arrange a group trip. If you can volunteer to organise this, contact us.

Social evening

(Depnding on COVID-19 restrictions) We may be able to arrange a group dinner on the Friday and/or Saturday night. If you can volunteer to organise this, contact us.


As an organisation run by and for people with a visual impairment we are very keen to make all adjustments we reasonably can, and ensure others do too, for people with disabilities.

We pledge to

  • provide our conference materials as accessible formats as we can, primarily electronic and/or large print
  • advise speakers on how to make their slides and talks accessible
  • provide guides and assistants and directions
  • provide water and a toiletting area for assistance dogs

If you have any access needs please discuss them with us as soon as possible. We will do our best to meet them, with the resources we have available.

Personal Assistants/Carers

If you require an assistant at the conference they can attend and eat without charge. Contact us to arrange a ticket for your assistant.

If you require an assistant at during the gala dinner, they can attend and eat without charge. If, for example you only need an assistant to get to and from the venue, we will cover the cost of an evening meal (up to £20) for them, inline with the Aniridia Network Expenses Policy. This could be eaten in the hotel restaurant or elsewhere. If you would like to pay the additional cost (£30) for the gala dinner, they can attend and eat with you. Contact us to make arrangements for an assistant at the gala dinner.

We will not normally cover travel and acommodation costs for assistants



  • Bookings can only be cancelled until 23:30 14 days before the event.
  • The conference registration costs will be refunded for cancellations made prior to this minus an administration fee.
  • An administration fee of 5% of the booking’s total registration cost will be subtracted from all refunds.
  • No refund will be provided for cancellations made on or after this date.
  • All cancellations must be submitted in writing to

If we cancel the event, people who have booked will receive a full refund of the price of their ticket only.


The Privacy and data protection policy of Aniridia Network applies to this conference. Except that, we may provide the details of delegates, including names and contact information to our main sponsors and Aniridia Europe.

You will be asked to consent to our use of audio visual recordings made of you during the conference. You can opt out of this.

Code of conduct

The Event code of conduct of Aniridia Network applies to this conference.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Equal opportunities policy of Aniridia Network applies to this conference.