Here will be all the information you need for attending and enjoying the conference. We will update and add to this page over time.


The conference will take place online using the Everywhere+ system. No travel is necessary. You will only need a modern web browser and an internet connection to take part. 


FREE tickets are available now.
Tickets are for both days of the event. Attendance on any day is optional

Plus for those who book a ticket, there are a limited number of free clinics with an ophthalmologist, paediatritian or low vision aid specialist on Friday 30th July. Priority will be given to people from under-represented countries in Europe. Book early to take advantages of this offer!


The conference will be conducted in English.

We hope to have transcripts of recordings of the talks and discussusions. If anyone wouuld like to pay for translation of these into other languages we can help add the result to the videos as subtitles.

You may talk in other languages in the Networking Room if you wish.

Networking room

We plan to have a Zoom meeting running alongside many of the presentations. When it is not needed for specific conference sessions, delegates are welcome to join this room to disucss whatever aniridia related issues they wish


As an organisation run by and for people with a visual impairment we are very keen to make all adjustments we reasonably can, and ensure others do too, for people with disabilities.

We pledge to:

  • provide our conference materials as accessible formats as we can
  • advise speakers on how to make their slides and talks accessible

If you have any access needs please discuss them with us as soon as possible. We will do our best to meet them, with the resources we have available.



The Privacy and data protection policy of Aniridia Network applies to this conference. Except that, we may provide the details of delegates, including names and contact information to our main funder and Aniridia Europe.

You will be asked to consent to our use of audio visual recordings made of you during the conference.

Code of conduct

The Event code of conduct of Aniridia Network applies to this conference.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Equal opportunities policy of Aniridia Network applies to this conference.